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Kids' Birthday Party Food Ideas

Kids' Birthday Party Food Ideas

Unlike adults, children are excited about getting older and celebrating another birthday. Whether it is a simple gathering for family or a large event, kids birthday parties require a lot of imagination and planning. This is especially true for milestone birthdays such as 1, 13, 16, and 18. The biggest challenge is what food to serve. If you are trying to plan a kids birthday party menu, try some of these helpful suggestions:

Fiesta Time!

Kids absolutely love the bright colors and zesty foods of a Mexican-themed birthday party. It is cheap and easy to set up a buffet with all the fixings for tacos or burritos, making catering a snap! The little guests will have fun making their own Mexican specialties. For a treat on the go, give each child a snack-sized bag of tortilla chips. All they have to do is crunch up the chips and put their favorite toppings in the bag. Voila! They get a plastic fork and enjoy their taco in a bag. Do not forget to fill a piñata with assorted candies for a delicious ending to the party.  

Foot-long Fun

Your kids birthday party catering is easy when you serve things that they love. Subs are a great way for guests to serve themselves. Supply a variety of lunch meat, cheeses, veggie toppings, condiments, and sub buns (cut them in half for younger children). Each person can build a sub just how he likes it. Put out bowls of chips to go along with the subs.  

Fabulous Fondue

Back in the 70s, everyone was buying fondue pots to host fondue parties. The scrumptious cheese dips and melted chocolate are popular again. You can easily find fondue pots online that are priced economically. You will also need a skewer stick for each guest. In one pot, melt cheese and add a cup of salsa for a delicious dip. In the other pot, melt your favorite type of chocolate. Before the party, chop up bread cubes from loaves of Italian bread. For the chocolate, chop up squares of pound cake. Watch the fun as everyone does a dip! kids party food idea

Personal Pizza Party

Pizza is the quintessential dish for children. If you are planning a kids birthday party menu, you do not have to get take-out pizza. Have your kid’s friends make their own mini-pizzas with fresh bagels. Set out individual toppings like sauce, pepperoni, veggies, and cheese. If the party is outdoors, you will need to set up a microwave with an extension cord. Guests can pop their creation in the microwave for about a minute and enjoy! Be prepared to help younger guests with their pizza.  

Let’s Go To The Movies!

If you do not have a large outdoor screen, you can always rent one or hang up a large sheet. You can use your computer and a projector to put your child’s favorite movie on the big screen. Provide bags of popcorn, peanuts, penny candy, and soda. They will laugh at the antics of the animated characters under the stars. Is the weather too bad to be outdoors? Just move the party indoors to your big-screen television.  

A Day At The Fair

If you want a circus theme, use kids birthday party food ideas that relate to circus treats. Try making plates of corndogs, nachos, and prepared funnel cakes. Dress up like a clown and hand out popcorn and balloons to the guests. It will feel like they are right in the middle of the circus.  

Birthday Cake Alternatives

If you have seen the prices of birthday cakes in your local bakery, no wonder why you might choose to make your own. A kids party catering always needs something sweet. Making and decorating a sheet cake may be a little cheaper, but it is time-consuming and messy. Why not consider some of these sweet kids birthday party food ideas: kids birthday party catering

• Cupcakes are all the rage for a kids birthday party catering. You can make regular sized cupcakes or minis. If you want to amp up the fun factor, prepare a bowl of icing and various toppings on the dessert table. The kids can decorate their own cupcake.   

• Sundae Bar: What could be yummier at a party than ice cream! Purchase a few cartons of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Surround them with bowls of fruit, nuts, candies, marshmallows, and bottles of toppings. You may need to help littler guests.   

• Birthday Pie: Who says that the birthday dessert has to be a cake? If your birthday child loves pie, consider making a couple of his favorite kinds. Your guests can celebrate with a slice of pie and a scoop of ice-cream on top!   

Kids birthday party ideas can make the occasion memorable for your child. You do not have to spend a fortune on food and entertainment. Have your birthday kid help you to decide on the perfect theme. Then, you just build the food and snacks around the theme. When you see all of the smiling faces, you will know that your party was a great success!      

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