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Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Wedding Reception Food Ideas

What could be more thrilling than to tie the knot with the one you love! Weddings not only dip deeply into your heart, but into your bank account as well. As of this year, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is a little over $35,000, states That is as much as what one person may earn in a year.  Where does most of the money go in wedding costs? says that the reception can take a whopping 55% of the total cost. There are ways you can slash your costs and still have a lovely meal with your family and friends.  


Traditional Sit-down Wedding Reception

At a traditional reception, guests sit at the table and are served their meal and drinks by a waiting staff. There are different ways it can be done, according to your venue plan. Some venues will give you two or three menu options, and they will supply all of the food and dishes. Other venues allow you to bring you own caterer in; however, the caterer must also supply the dishes, glasses, and silverware. The least expensive alternative for a sit-down reception is for you to make all of the food and just use the venue’s dishes.  


Buffet-Style Wedding Receptions

Modern trends in American wedding reception have gone more toward buffet style for years. If a menu is not too complicated, you can serve it in a buffet just as easy as you can wait tables. Even at a buffet, you should have some people available to replenish the chaffing dishes and drink table. If the venue does not supply dishes, you need to bring your own. Here are some great wedding reception food ideas to consider:  

Italian Supper   Italian meals tend to be a little heavy; however, limiting the entrée courses can be lighter on the stomach and the purse.   Appetizers: Antipasto plates with calamari, shrimp, assorted deli meats, cheeses, olives, crackers   Tossed Salad (with choice of Italian or ranch dressing)   Garlic Bread Sticks (at the table)   Entrée: Fresh pasta (with choice of tomato sauce or Alfredo)   Dessert: Choice of Layered chocolate torte or cannoli   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol (A nice Merlot or Italian beer) Non-alcoholic (Traditional Italian sodas)  

French Table   Imagine you and your lover in a chic French bistro with views of the sunset over the Eiffel Tower. This is one of the best wedding dinner menu ideas to choose if you are planning to honeymoon in Paris.   Appetizers: A variety of cheeses, grapes, chicken pate, Tapenade crackers   Soup: Choice of tomato bisque or French onion with croutons   Entrée: Coq Au Vin (chicken in wine sauce)on a bed of steamed rice   Dessert: Apple tart   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol (Beaujolais Cru or a nice champagne) Non-alcoholic: (Sparkling soda with lemon)  
Southern Charm   When it comes to fine dining, it is hard to beat Southern cuisine. You can enjoy Southern wedding dinner menu ideas no matter where you live!   Appetizers: Dilled Deviled Eggs, Pimento cheese on crackers, cheese sticks   Salad: Broccoli Cole Slaw   Entrée: Barbecued ribs, Barbequed chicken   Dessert: Pecan pie tartlets, mini-cream horns   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol: (Cabernet Sauvignon, Southern craft beer) Non-alcoholic:(Sweet iced tea)  

Heavenly Hawaiian Luau   Are you going to Hawaii on your honeymoon? Get used to the luscious foods and drink on this romantic isle with a luau reception.   Appetizers: Coconut Scallop Ceviche, Pork and Mango Skewers   Salad: Spinach salad   Entrée: Teriyaki Beef or Chicken   Dessert: Fruit salad with coconut sprinkles   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol: (Rose Pinot Grigios) Non-alcoholic: (Pineapple Mango Juice)  

The Classic Cocktail Party   Your guests will feel like they are dining at Tiffany’s when you prepare this extraordinary cocktail fare:   Appetizer Choices:   Grilled crawfish in a chili-lime sauce   Baby lamb chops roasted in rosemary, with apricot-mint salsa   Chicken bites with Thai peanut sauce   Mini chicken fajitas with salsa   Greek tartlets   Swedish meatballs   Asian dumplings with yum-yum or ginger sauce   Boneless wings with bleu cheese sauce   Drink Suggestions: If you do not plan on a full bar, choose a couple classic drinks that everyone would like, such as martinis and old-fashions. Non-alcoholic options could include spritzers or Italian sodas.  

Greek Feast   Before you decide to break plates like they do in the traditional Greek wedding feasts, be sure that they do not belong to the caterer! Greek food has a charming Mediterranean flair that all your reception guests will enjoy!   Appetizers: Greek yogurt spinach/artichoke dip, Phyllo-wrapped feta cheese with honey and sesame seeds   Salad: Greek tossed salad with anchovies   Entrée: Moussaka   Dessert: Assortment of baklava   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol: (A hearty red like Tempranillo) Non-alcoholic: Vyssinatha, a sour cherry cordial  

Comfort Foods From The Heartland   This is an easy menu to prepare by yourself. Celebrate with the delicious, comfort foods that grace many American tables.   Appetizers: Pigs in a blanket, crostini with ham salad or pimento cheese spread   Salad: Cole slaw   Sides: Mashed potatoes/gravy, baked macaroni and cheese, green beans   Entrée: Meatloaf   Dessert: Cherry pie, apple pie   Drink suggestions: Alcohol: (Your favorite beer or a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon ) Non-alcoholic (iced tea, homemade lemonade)  

Wedding Reception Buffets On A Budget

There are no rules that say that you must serve a full meal at your reception—especially if your service is in the afternoon. Most people understand that young couples are just starting housekeeping and they must save money where they can. Try some of these wedding reception ideas for a budget-friendly buffet:  

Ice Cream Sundae Bar   Your guests will feel like a kid again when they make their own yummy sundaes. This idea may be a little tricky if your venue is outdoors in the heat.   Ice-cream: Offer the basic vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry   Assorted diced fruit (do not forget the cherries!)   Whipped cream (cans are easier)   Chopped nuts   Mini-marshmallows   Assorted toppings: Chocolate, caramel   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol (Sweet dessert wine, such as Muscadelle) Non-alcoholic (Your favorite sodas)  

Fiesta Bar   Celebrate your nuptials with some spicy appetizers inspired by Mexican cuisine. Chips and salsa   Tacos with choice of ground beef or shredded chicken   Shredded lettuce/diced tomatoes   Sour cream   Guacamole   Shredded cheddar cheese   Mild and hot sauce   Drink Suggestions: Alcohol (Mexican beer, or a Chardonnay) Non-alcoholic (Mexican sodas, regular soda)   No matter what you decide to serve, the important thing is that you and your guests have a memorable time together. This is one of the most important days of your life. Choosing one of these awesome wedding reception food ideas can make it even better

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